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Uganda has a lot of lakes and rivers. There is a need for a pump system with a good dynamic head and especially a lift over a certain distance.

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The key features of the sunlight pump are that it operates with solar energy only, is easy to install, use, and maintains, and after the investment of buying the pump, there are no further operational and almost no maintenance costs. The high-efficiency brushless DC motor was developed by ennos. The sunlight pump can be directly connected to a solar PV panel from 100 to
400 W (depending on the water requirements) or can be operated from a 12- to 36-V battery. One sunlight pump can irrigate up to 5,000 m2, depending on the crop, soil conditions, weather conditions, etc.


Head: 40M(Suction Pipe)

Pressure Side Hose Length: Upto 2000m


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